I recently got my car back and it looked better than before it was damaged, BRAND SPANK’EN NEW!!
I was thrilled, driving around and everything was finally resolved…..well that’s what I thought???
Sometime passed and one day my car couldn’t get passed 20MPH BUT the RPMs were sky high! Than at an intersection the car died. I called Village Auto Body and he sent out the tow for me within minutes! COPS were nice enough to wait with me and we were chatting -When the cops heard who was picking me up, their exact words were:
“That’s the best company, they always know what they’re doing & very efficient- it’s a shame that we have to pick from a list on the scene of an accident because we would prefer to just use them”
Once they received my car Andrew had his preferred Mechanic at Autotopia also check it out as well.
The transmission was in need of replacing but it had nothing to do with the prior body damage…. CAN U IMAGINE HOW DEVASTATED I WAS… THINKING I WOULD HAVE TO PAY THOUSANDS OUT OF POCKET!?! Well Andrew and Autotopia both gave me instructions on how to handle this due to warranties & recall information they both researched for me. Well the GREAT NEWS WAS after a few phone calls, review of my contract and a tow from their shop to the car manufacturer shop – the TRANSMISSION WAS REPLACED & AT NO COST TO ME!!! VILLAGE LINE HAS AN IMPECCABLE REPUTATION!